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  • How do I book an appointment?
    Head on over to the artists page you wish to book with, and click "Click here to inquire" Fill out the inquiry form in detail for quicker booking process. Please remember if you're trying to book an appointment for more than one person, only send in one inquiry for all people getting tattooed.
  • What is your deposit policy?
    All deposits are NON REFUNDABLE We require a 48 hour notice for all cancellations or reschedules. If you are to cancel or reschedule within the 48 hours of your appointment, another deposit will need to be made to make a new appointment. If there are multiple people in the same appointment, each person being tattooed will be required to make a deposit, and these deposits cannot be transfered to other people in the appointment time if one person is unable to make it. Deposits are not transferrable to other artists or clients. Deposits are $50-$100 and do come off the final cost of your tattoo. And just one more time, deposits are NON REFUNDABLE
  • How long will my tattoo take?
    This is a complicated question, and it’s difficult to give an estimate before the tattoo design is finished and sized on the body. For a specific estimate prior to your tattoo appointment, ask your artist at the end of your consultation, once both you and the artist have a clear idea of the final design and scale of the piece. Factors on how long a tattoo takes include the size, the level of detail, the thickness of the line, any color and/or shading, and the placement on the body.
  • When will I see my tattoo design?
    At Black Amethyst, we pride ourselves on doing custom designs for majority of our appointments. This means most weeks we are coming up with 4-8 custom original designs a week. Because of this, we show our designs the day of your appointment. We schedule enough time per appointment to go over your design and if you need to make any small changes we can absolutely do thst for you day of your appointment. If you would like to make any large design changes please let us know ahead of your appointment time (atleast 48 hours) so we can take those into account when we start working on your design. If you make any large design changes, or change what you want completely, but do not let us know until the day of your appointment, it is very possible you will be asked to reschedule and put down a new deposit.
  • How do I prepare for my tattoo appointment?
    Get a good nights sleep, eat a large, healthy meal, and hydrate yourself and your skin! You are welcome to bring snacks and drinks with you to your appointment, but please only eat during breaks! Avoid alcohol, weed, drugs, and excess caffeine on the day of your appointment. We do not recommend getting tattooed hungover, as the experience will be more painful than necessary and the piece may not heal as well afterwards!
  • Am I supposed to tip my artist? If so how much?
    We never expect tips! But they are absolutely appreciated when we do get them! When and how much is entirely up to you, every bit we are truly grateful for!
  • What artist should I choose?
    This part we cannot answer for you! We highly encourage you to pick your artist based on their portfolio and what you're looking to have done. This is why we have made our website a little more complicated so you have to look at portfolios to get to the contact pages. Your tattoo is something we want you to absolutely leave our shop proud of, and to ensure that, choosing an artist whose style aligns with what you're looking to have done is important! So make sure you go through everyones portfolio, and once you have found your artist, each artist has a "Click here to inquire" button!
  • How much will my tattoo cost?
    This is a very complicated question to answer, as all artists charge differently. Our shop minimum is $100 for black and grey and $125 for color. Meaning nothing will cost less than this. For large pieces you will recieve a quote when you inquire about the tattoo you wish to get. Akron pricing- Erica Sadie, and Slinkii charge by the piece, and not hourly. Avery and Corina are $150 an hour
  • Can minors get tattoos with parental consent?
    In most cases, we do not tattoo minors. There are a few exceptions to this though, if you are over the age of 16. These exceptions are a self harm scar cover up (the scars need to be fully healed, and atleast a year old) or memorial tattoos. Your parent will need to be with you, for the entire duration of your appointment. Please make sure you have both of your IDs and your birth certificate on you at the appointment. Without these we will be unable to tattoo you.
  • Can I use numbing cream
    YEESSSS!!! We here at Black Amethyst LOVE numbing cream, and want your experience in our chair to be as comfortable as possible. Tattoos HURT, and if you would like to use numbing cream to try and ease some of that hurt we are one hundred percent okay with it! Just please let us know you're using it! You're going to want to leave it on until we wash it off for you, to ensure you get the full effect of the numbing cream!
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