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Completed Apprenticeship in 2014
Prices by the piece, not per hour!

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I’m happy you’ve found your way here!


I’m a 30 year old crunchy vegan mom of two wildling children. I currently live and work in the Portage Lakes area of Akron. Aside from work I enjoy music festivals, camping, hiking and cooking.

In 2012 as a 22-year-old single mother of two I decided that it was finally time to focus on my art and pursue my dreams. I completed an 18 month long apprenticeship in Wadsworth Ohio, after my apprenticeship I worked at a few shops but none had the homey family feeling I longed to give my clients. So in 2016 I opened Black Amethyst Tattoo Company in Shelby.  In 2018 I moved home to Akron to be closer to my family and started working on Black Amethyst Tattoo Company in Wadsworth as a private studio for my Akron/Medina clients.  I built our little Wadsworth shop and won the Beacons Best award for #1 tattoo shop in Akron Ohio in 2019.  I rapidly outgrew my small humble roots and transplanted myself in the Portage Lakes area.  Alongside 5 additional artist, we completely remodeled the building to fit our style and our needs. It is always our goal at Black Amethyst to offer you a comfortable safe environment where you feel relaxed.

For me tattooing is still a sacred ritual in which I feel great honor being able to share these memories and these moments with my clients.  The trust that they put in me is never overlooked or taken for granted I appreciate every person who has sat in my chair and each one of them has changed my life in someway or another.

I feel that my preferred style seeps into my portfolio. I love all things in nature, bold and fine lines, peppery shading, bright white highlights and solid saturated color.  I think that each tattoo is important whether it’s your first tattoo, for a loved one, matching tattoos with a friend or just because it looks cool and you want to get it.

I promise to always make you feel like you’re at home when you’re in my chair I can’t wait to work on your next project with you

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